Healing With Aromatherapy



Aromatherapy has many healing and health benefits. The oils and fragrant essences are extracted from plants creating essential oils that are used to promote the health of our mind, body and spirit. They are used to energize, stimulate, uplift, or to calm, relax, and destress, depending on which are used. They are used to treat many ailments, disinfect as anti-bacterials, anti-inflammatories, relax or stimulate and more. There are endless health benefits of using these oils, you just need to know which oils to use for which issues. Many of these oils date back thousands of years and were used as the first medicines, and are still used as topical medicines for healing to this day. These oils can be inhaled using room or jewelry diffusers or after being mixed with a base oil, can be put directly on the skin. These oils when put on the skin, go directly into the blood stream and circulate thorough out the body. In short these oils and their amazing healing aromas help to enhance the quality of your life by helping to heal your mind, body and spirit.

Don’t know where to get these? Contact Aromatherapist, Jeanne Wells, owner of Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Jeanne sells holistic healing products and services. Many of the products she sells are essential oil mixes created for different health and beauty purposes. She also creates special mixes for individuals for specific problems. If you have an issue, I have a potion for that! Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. products can be purchased at The Jasper Mountain Craft & Consignment Store on Church St. by Jasper Middle School, Vibe Fitness Boutique on Main St., Your Turn Consignment in Jasper and New Ground Market in Ellijay.

If you are interested in a mix created for your special needs, please contact Jeanne Wells at jeannewells67@etcmail.com or message me on Facebook at Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. http://www.jeanneinabottleinc.com

Also check out my affiliate:  Barefut Essential Oils https://barefut.com/?a=2012 for some wonderful essential oils.
Written by Aromatherapist Jeanne Wells




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